About Us

cross-sunbehindTurning Point Foundation is a 501 c3 non-profit organization that began operations during the fall of 1991 in Springville, AL, as a recovery center for men seeking relief from drug and alcohol addiction. In spring of 1995 Turning Point moved its facility approximately 45 miles south of Birmingham to 10-acres of tranquil property in Thorsby, Alabama. The campus is safe from the high pace and temptation of the inner city and provides a peaceful, accepting, and nurturing environment for the residents where they can refocus and restructure their lives.

Turning Point embraces the foundational teachings and practices of the Bible. It is an interdenominational program working in conjunction with orthodox and evangelical churches. Turning Point is Christ-oriented with the focus on individuals becoming “new creations in Christ”, II Corinthians 5:17. Turning Point operates independent from all federal, state and local agencies, and relies solely on internal intake fees, private donations, and gift in kind donations of hard goods and services that support and sustain the residents.

To be accepted into Turning Point’s program, candidates are interviewed and approved by our Executive Director and when they have completed the prerequisites, they submit a $2,500 intake fee. Once they arrive on campus an assessment is done and our director and staff work with each individual to personalize his needs and how best to assist him in achieving his lasting recovery. The residents are exposed to a rigorous, well-balanced curriculum that takes a strong commitment and most graduate in 90 days, but there are some who graduate early and a few who need to stay longer.

After successfully completing the 90-day program, the resident graduates from the first phase. At this time he may choose to return home. Before departing, the staff will assist him in setting up a strong after-care program, consisting of church involvement and attendance in a local support group. The resident is also asked to keep in contact with the Turning Point staff so that his re-entry period and continued recovery may be monitored.

Any resident who has demonstrated good moral behavior and has embraced the teachings and practices of the Turning Point curriculum may ask to be considered for our Intern Program. This program allows a probationary period for men to learn the responsibilities needed to help govern the facility. They become a member of our volunteer staff and are able to quickly further their growth in Christ by sowing into the lives of new or struggling residents. During this program, room and board and an allowance are provided.

The Reality

Lives can be changed and families restored when people turn to Christ for healing and then in return, use their gifts and talents to help others. Through the support and donations of individuals, churches, civic groups and fund-raisers, Turning Point is able to help men find freedom from addiction and begin a new life in Jesus Christ.