After the Program

Transitional Housing

transitional-houseSome men may not be ready to return home at the end of the first phase. For this reason, Turning Point has established the Transitional House. The transitional house offers a more gradual re-integration.

It is located several miles from the Turning Point Campus in a similarly serene setting. Here, with the assistance of Turning Point job-placement program, the men establish employment and begin a life-work balance in a secure environment.

revamped-transition-houseThe men pay a cost of living fee and have household chores and responsibilities, all designed to create habits they will sue once they leave the transitional house.

The men who choose transitional housing are required to attend sobriety groups, church services, counseling, or other meetings as directed by the case manager. Residents of the transitional house continue under the accountability and mentorship of Turning Point staff.

Turning Point Internship

Any resident who has demonstrated good moral behavior and has embraced the teachings and practices of the Turning Point curriculum may ask to be considered for our Intern Program. This program allows a probationary period for men to learn the responsibilities needed to help govern the facility. They become a member of our volunteer staff and are able to quickly further their growth in Christ by sowing into the lives of new or struggling residents. During this program, room and board and an allowance are provided.

The Reality

Turning Point Foundation is a 501(c3) non-profit organization that operates independent from all federal, state and local agencies. It relies solely on internal intake fees, private donations, and gift in kind donations of hard goods and services that support and sustain its mission.

With your help, lives can be changed and families restored when people turn to Christ for healing and then in return, use their gifts and talents to help others. Click here to support the mission…to see lives changes and families restored from the bondage of addiction.