David came to Turning Point an angry, spiritual and mentally bankrupt man. DHR had removed David from his home, his wife and his kids. The Judge was one more bad decision away from sending David off for a long time. Everyone was frustrated and ready to give up on David. Everyone except God!

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It means a lot to me from all the help [my dad] is getting…He is trying to change the way our family acts towards each other…He enforces…things he learns from Turning Point in our home.

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I did not have any godly influences in my life growing up. I didn’t know about God or even if there was one. My entire life was a constant battle with anger and depression that led me down a path of drug and alcohol abuse. One morning after an all-night drug binge I rode by a local church and saw people standing outside smiling, hugging, and happy to be alive. I thought to myself, “I want what they have”.

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