A Resident’s Story


David Smitherman

David came to Turning Point an angry, spiritual and mentally bankrupt man. The Department of Human Resources (DHR) removed David from his home, his wife and his kids. David was one more bad decision away from being sent off for a long time. Everyone was frustrated and ready to give up on David. Everyone except God!

Through a collaboration between DHR, the judge, the court referral office, a local lawyer and a concerned counselor, David begrudgingly found himself  at Turning Point. It was a last ditch effort to save David and his family. That is exactly what The Lord did!

Drug addicts as a group, are typically intelligent, creative and hardworking, people who are making very bad decisions. Like so many others David could not break the cycle of drug addiction in his life. But God could!

David had a rocky start to his recovery. He did not want to be at Turning Point. He missed his wife, his kids, and he was angry at the world. But, he knew deep down that something had to change.

One Friday night someone asked David if he wanted his relationship with his family restored. David replied “yes more than anything!” That night David had a real experience with Christ. From that moment on, David submitted to the Lord’s will. The Lord did a work in David’s life that only He could do. David, like all of us, wasn’t perfect overnight but he was different; a new creation. He was eager to learn and to change. He had issues, but he was willing to make real changes that he couldn’t do without the Lord.

David-Smitherman-AfterAfter leaving Turning Point David gave back every chance he could as mentor, leader and inspiration to others. The Lord honored David commitment to change and he returned home to his family. He has become a productive member of the body of Christ and his community. DHR is close to closing his case and his legal troubles are all but behind him. What the enemy means for destruction, God can and will use for His glory if we will just let Him.